FBS Apartments, Condos & Homes For Rent in 69 zip codes throughout the S.D. Region including 92111

“Nearly half of all the housing in San Diego is offered for rent. This
condition has existed locally for decades and will continue for the foreseeable
future. It is imperative that rental owners and rental residents respect the
other for their important role in this essential segment of our local economy.
The more informed each are about their respective rights and responsibilities as
well as changes in the marketplace the more realistic are the expectations. That
just makes good sense; Rent Sense.” – Neil,  2008

Visit us www.fbs-pm.com
FBS where your home matters
Rental Owners, serious real estate investors and
savvy renters will benefit from our services and availability of quality rental
homes in fine neighborhoods throughout the San Diego region.

Read and view important educational material that
respects your unique perspective and a common need to be informed.

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