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FBS takes home 4 awards at SDCAA’s 2014 Mark of Excellence

The San Diego County Apartment Association’s (SDCAA) Mark of Excellence Awards is one of Southern California’s biggest events to recognize excellence and leadership in the rental housing industry. These awards demonstrate characteristics that benchmark success.

The main awards event recognizes individuals and properties that stand out in the areas of leasing, management, resident retention, and maintenance.  With both large and small properties represented, these awards encompass the entire industry as a whole and recognize the best of the best.

Bree Castro, Property Coordinator at FBS, took home the top award with a 1st place win for Leasing Professional of the Year. Bree has shown tremendous growth and passion for leasing. Her hard work and dedication has led to hundreds of homes across San Diego being leased at an incredible pace.

Jay Scheinok, Property Supervisor at FBS placed 3rd , out of a large group of nominees, for Property Manager of the Year. This is an incredible accomplishment and a nod to the impact Jay continues to have on the rental housing industry.  Placing top 3 in a category filled with some of San Diego’s biggest companies, shows the tremendous growth FBS and its employees continue to have.

Finally, two properties managed by FBS were awarded 2nd and 3rd place for rental community of the year. This award recognizes rental housing communities that maintain the highest level of excellence in service, maintenance and overall operation.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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