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FBS Rent Sense RE Investor Alert in Golden Hill 92102: SD County Apartment Association Reports Lowest Vacancy in 12 yrs

Making headlines this week, the San Diego County Apartment Association's Spring 2014 Vacancy and Rental Rate survey has been featured in local and national news about the region's rental housing market. Commentators noted the recent data indicating that the San Diego region is at near-record levels for low apartment vacancies and consumers agree with many complaining it has rarely seemed more difficult to find a rental unit. The survey joins a local debate about what policymakers can do to avoid a rental housing crisis in San Diego and encourage development of new rental housing stock.  


The Vacancy and Rental Rate survey is made available to SDCAA members in the RentalOwner magazine.

SDCAA's popular survey was featured in national and local outlets. Check out a few from the collection below.

Click here to read the Trulia Property Agent's blog on the state of the tight San Diego rental market.

Click here to see George Chamberlin's take in "Money in the Morning."

Click here to read analysis from the San Diego Daily Transcript's real estate reporters.

Click here to read UT San Diego's Jonathan Horn on the difficulties of finding a rental in San Diego today.

View the Times of San Diego piece on our survey by clicking here.

10 News San Diego featured the vacancy rate drop as a lead story in this week's newscast.

Rent Sense: FBS & BBB Warn Against Rise of Rental Scams During Shortage

To be a successful property management company in the modern economy you must become a respected rental housing provider in your market. Experience is imperative and solid reputation within the industry is important but beyond this you must engage the consumer audiences within your market.

We maintain ourselves accessible as rental housing experts throughout the 69 zip codes in which we operate rental properties. We do this by writing an informative column for local newspapers, service several large blog audiences and participate in the Better Business Bureau to raise integrity standards. We also provide leadership to the San Diego Apartment Association.

As a partner of the BBB, we value their continued support and education. The BBB is a trustworthy source to consumers. Read below a recent BBB article!

We have built a healthy San Diego business out of advising independent real estate investors, acquiring and managing rental properties for clients while providing superior housing alternatives for qualified renters. We've accomplished daily for longer than four decades. Our rental vacancies change daily. Take a peek today

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