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  1. Currently- both FBS offices are open to employees, but not the public. 
  2. Employees are working both remote and in the office. 
  3. All employees are reachable by phone and email.


  1. Virtual Showings happen first
  2. To view a property physically, you will be asked to apply for a property first.
  3. We will not run your application until you have seen the home and can refund your application if you do not like the home after viewing. Please be aware it could take up to 14 days to refund your application fees depending on your bank.
  4. Should you not feel well or have any symptoms please cancel. 
  5. When you arrive at the showing we will ask you to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer. 
  6. Our FBS rep will have already sprayed the interior of the home with disinfectant spray. Windows, doors, and cabinets will be opened for you. Please do not touch anything. 
  7. Our rep may wait outside while you tour but will always keep a 6-foot distance. 
  8. After the showing the home will be sprayed again with disinfectant. 
  9. If you like the home, please alert us to run your application. If not please request a refund and cancel your application.


  1. You may drop of payment through our drop slot in the office door. If you would like a receipt please include a note requesting as such, or text/call for confirmation. 
  2. You may also pay online- this is the preferred method.

Move Ins

  1. Once approved and deposit has been received you will be sent an electronic lease. 
  2. Sign the lease 
  3. Please email your renter insurance and any other docs requested. 
  4. On the day of move in you, once first month’s rent is received you will be texted a lockbox code at the property. 
  5. Once you have your keys an FBS rep will be by within a week to remove the lockbox. If it is still there, please let your team know! 
  6. You will be sent a move in assessment electronically that requires your signature to be a complete file. Please let us know of any items that need attention.


  1. Please submit your request through your resident portal. You may call the office or email/text your team, but the best and fastest way is to submit via your portal. 
  2. All maintenance will be handled with the utmost care for your safety and wellbeing, as well as that of our suppliers. 
  3. You will be asked to send pictures, as our team will not be able to assess the work. 
  4. If it is something that can wait, please do, and alert us when you feel comfortable having a supplier in your home.

Move Outs

  1. As soon as you give us a 30 day notice we will reach out to schedule the initial inspection. This will be done via Zoom. You can opt out should you choose. No physical walk through will be done out of concern for your and our health and safety. 
  2. Itemizations and deposits will be mailed, no pick up is allowed.

When in doubt please do not hesitate to ask!