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Below you will find common questions and answers for Residents. If your questions is not answered below please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

I have a maintenance request at my home. How do I submit a maintenance request and what can I expect?

A. We want to keep the property in good condition at all times, so please let us know about any maintenance needs or preventative maintenance items you may notice as soon as possible.

  • When you call into the office please let us know what property you are leasing.
  • We will attempt to diagnose over the phone on certain items. Please be open to any suggestions our representatives may have.
  • If necessary; we will create a work order and dispatch a repairman. The vendor will call you directly to set up a good time. If it is later in the day you may not get a call until the following day depending on schedules of the vendor.
  • You will need to be available to allow access to the property with the vendor. Once they have diagnosed the problem, if it is a simple fix they will most likely be authorized to perform the repair immediately. However in many cases we need to get authorization from the Owner, which can take a day or two. Please be patient with this process. Once approved we can get the issue taken care of. Please call us if a vendor has not contacted you within a day of requesting a maintenance item.

I just moved in, how can I pay my rent? When can I start paying online?

A.    The first month’s rent must be paid in certified funds.  You can start paying online the second month of your lease. Please contact your Property Supervisor/ Coordinator and submit an email address to be used. A link will be sent to you; from there you will be able to set up a password to access your resident portal.

What if I can’t pay my rent on time?

A.    The most important thing is communication. As soon as you know you may have an issue paying rent contact your Property Supervisor/ Coordinator.  We can usually work with you as long as good communication is involved.

What constitutes an emergency and when should I call the FBS Emergency Phone?

A.    There are only a  few problems that might arise at your property that will require calling the emergency numbers.  Stabilizing the situation and contacting the main office during regular business hours makes the most sense. If the emergency doesn’t require calling 911 or FBS emergency services, than please leave a message on the office mainline.

  • Sparking electricity- Unplug or shut off the appliance or shut off the main power to the property.
  • Water leaking into a property and the source cannot be identified, shut off the water, First.
  • Stopped up plumbing with only one bathroom, often waiting a few hours a minor blockage will pass.

Please realize it may take a few minutes to a few hours to get back to you, so do your best to stabilize the situation.

Abuse of the emergency phone for non-emergencies may result in a $50 service charge.

Should I get Renter’s Insurance?

A.    Yes, all FBS residents must carry either Tenant Liability Insurance or Resident Insurance. Any new residents will need to submit the proper insurance documentation before a move in can occur. Any existing FBS residents on a current lease will not be affected until their renewal time. Prior to a renewal lease being executed, Resident(s) must provide FBS with a copy of their Resident Insurance, adding FBS as additional insured or be enrolled in the Tenant Liability program. Please contact your Supervisor about this program.

Do you work with the military?

A.    Yes, we do our best to assist the service men and women. We appreciate and value their service to our country and believe that we work well with local military personnel. We offer a Military Clause in our lease to allow for an option if deployment and re assignment occurs.  We would be happy to further discuss this with you.

What if I have to move before my lease is up?

A.    We understand that things change. We want to help! We follow all laws in regards to lease breaks. Please contact your Property Supervisor as soon as you think you will be vacating. Please plan to provide notice in writing. We request that all keys are submitted to the office not later than 2:00pm on your move out day.

My kids really want a pet, what do I need to do?

A.    There may be pet rent for your particular property. First, you need to call or email your Property Supervisor/Coordinator to make sure the property is approved for pets. We then will have you sign a pet addendum and submit a $500 pet deposit per animal. The $500 pet deposit is an industry standard and will not be waived or reduced. We understand that most pets will not produce the kind of damage we have seen from a select few. That is why the deposit is refundable yet must be collected.  An unapproved animal will result in a 3-day breech of covenant. Once again good communication is key!

Can I speak directly to the Owner?

A.    In most cases no. We are hired for a reason; to be the middle man between the resident and owners. We are the agent for the owner. Our market research has found this to be the most productive and satisfying approach. Speak with your Property Supervisor/ Coordinator if you feel there are special circumstances.

Who should I talk to?

A.   When you call or visit our office just let them know your address and you will be connected to the correct team. Each property has a Property Supervisor and Property Coordinator, but anyone in the office should be able to help you.

Why do I want to be on a year lease?

A.    We recommend signing a year lease as protection and peace of mind.  First, you will be able to control when you will need to move. Second, you lock in a rental rate for this entire term and cannot be subject to an increase due to economic conditions that would warrant an increase in rent. Our standard practice is 1 year leases, however we may offer a shorter or longer term lease based on the circumstances of the owner, time of year etc. Please always ask if you have any questions!

My roommate is moving out, what can I expect?

A.    You will need to contact your Property Supervisor/ Coordinator for a Change of Roommate form. Everyone needs to sign this form releasing one person from the lease. If a new roommate is moving in, they need to apply just like everyone else at the home did. All qualifications and standards apply. This is for your protection.

I just moved out, when will I get my security deposit back?

A.    California law requires that we return the security deposit within 21 days from the date possession was returned. If there are charges against the deposit we must itemize the damages and provide proof of the repairs.  In most cases the less damages and cleaning needed the quicker the return of a deposit.

I would like to move at the end of my lease?

A.     We are sorry to see your time with us end, but all you need to do is check when your lease ends and provide a written and signed 30 day notice. You should turn this in as soon as you know and we will send you all the documents needed for your move out. You should expect that we will be visiting you property during this process for inspections and showings when necessary. We appreciate your help and patience during this process.

How do I renew my lease?

A.    You will receive an offer letter about 65 days prior to the expiration of your lease. Once you accept this offer a lease will be sent to your portal. Then we will countersign and your lease will be renewed. Should you decide not to accept the offer just simply provide a written 30 day notice and we will start the move out process.