Rent Sense: Rental Ownership is a business

August 10, 2012by melissad

By Neil Fjellestad and Chris De Marco

What defines appropriate behavior as housing providers or property owners? Usually their property was their home before it was their rental and they have emotional attachment. There is a feeling of entitlement that accompanies their ownership attitude. We need to emphasize that though it is their property it is the renter’s residence. It is this resident that decorates, maintains and cares for their home.  It is our most significant financial obligation and at the center of our lifestyle.

Any landlord behavior that does not support the security, privacy and convenience of the resident will be met by an emotionally charged response.

Let’s reference some stories from our experience –

• An owner leaves personal effects or parks a vehicle at the rented premises without renter regard or compensation. In one case a large family has the owner’s car in their garage. It hasn’t moved for two years.

• The owner insists on personally performing or assigning to friends property repairs and maintenance routines but does not ensure that accountability for timeliness and workmanship are consistently achieved. On a Sunday one owner along with friend spent 6 hours accomplishing less than one hour’s worth of work.

• The owner rents out the property with appliances/equipment (operating remotes, pool cover, freezer, washer/dryer, yard care equipment) in place because it is convenient but does not choose to repair or replace when it is not convenient. This is done without renter regard or compensation.

• The owner and/or family member show up to inspect the premises without proper renter notice or regard.

• The owner and or their family member show up to enjoy some aspect of the rented property without renter notice regard or compensation. Example includes- use a workshop, enjoy a swim in the pool, or pick fruit from a favorite tree.

Rental ownership is a business.

It requires the owner to disregard their personal attachment. Rather, learn everyone’s contractual rights and accept the natural emotional attachment of a responsible renter.

Promote housing opportunities for all persons regardless of race, religion, sex, marital status, ancestry, national origin, color, familial status, or disability (Government Code Section 65583(c)(5)).

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