What to ask prior to signing a lease

Prior to signing the lease, you should confirm that your future property manager or owner will hold up their end of the bargain. Our job is to work alongside you during move in,  throughout the term of your lease and through move out. The leasing process can be fun, but often things are lost in...

Thankful for a property manager

In this time of reflection, we thought we’d give some reasons to be thankful for your property manager. Whether you are an owner or resident I bet in times of need you are super grateful to have someone to call. Property Managers are problem solvers….maybe even superheros. Just kidding….kind of. Reasons to be thankful: 1....

Fall and Winter Maintenance

The Fall and Winter Maintenance checklist is here! With the change of the seasons, we are sure you will be using your heaters for the first time in a while.  Not to mention more use of appliances before and during the holiday season. With that comes some precautions we ask you to take: Here’s what...

San Carlos Property Management

San Carlos is a residential neighborhood located in east San Diego. Neighboring communities include Del Cerro, Allied Gardens, Grantville and the College Area. For over 50 years, FBS Property Management has chosen this area to call home. San Carlos Property Management offers housing types including single family, apartment, and condo communities. Tons of options for...

Escondido Property Management

Escondido, Spanish for hidden, is a city in the north San Diego Region. Located about 30 miles northeast of downtown and 15 miles to the beach. Explore Mexico in 40 short miles.  The city occupies a shallow valley ringed by rocky hills. Incorporated in 1888, it is one of the oldest cities in San Diego...


Promote housing opportunities for all persons regardless of race, religion, sex, marital status, ancestry, national origin, color, familial status, or disability (Government Code Section 65583(c)(5)).

San Diego Metro Office
6398 Del Cerro Blvd., Ste 8.
San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 286-7600

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