FBS Property Management Welcomes New Rental Ownership Laws

January 9, 2013by melissad

FBS Property Management Welcomes New Rental Ownership Laws

It’s 2013 and there are nearly 25 new laws that govern the rental operation of California real estate. That’s just California legislative changes. There are also new requirements from the federal laws that kick in due to Affordable Care Act and the changes passed to avoid the Fiscal cliff.

FBS employees are pulled together regularly for additional training to keep up with our responsibilities to both our rental owners and their renters. The New Year’s training schedule kicked off today with a briefing on the new California laws. As most realize we enjoy a long term business relationship with KTS, one of the leading landlord- tenant law firms on the west coast. Today our offices were linked with theirs through technology as well. This was an extremely beneficial session including Q and A.

A positive start to a busy year of change!



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