Earth Day San Diego 2018

April 21, 2018by melissad0

Earth day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The idea for a national day to focus on the environment came to Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California.

San Diego Earth works will host the annual parade and earth fair at Balboa Park attracting around 60,000 visitors. Enjoy music, food and hundreds of exhibitors showcasing goods and services that promote conservation. Visit for more information.

Can’t make the celebrations here are some other ways you can promote earth day:

  1. Walk or Bike Ride– The fewer cars on the road the better!
  2. Volunteer
  3. Make sure all your bills are received electronically
  4. Recycle
  5. Check your faucets for a leak- this wastes a lot of water yearly
  6. Plant a tree
  7. Try a reusable water bottle instead of plastic!
  8. Plant a garden
  9. Take your phone charger out of the wall. It uses energy even when it’s not charging your phone.
  10. Get involved– Are you concerned about legislation at the state or national level when it comes to the environment? Then now may be the time for you to write an email or letter to your representative.
  11. Update your light bulbs- Changing them can save you a lot of time, money, and energy.
  12. Pick up trash- check out I love a clean San Diego-
  13. Check out SDGE’s Energy Savings Assistance Program– The Energy Savings Assistance Program is designed to help lower your monthly bill, while making your home more comfortable. You may rent or own, and if you qualify, SDG&E’s authorized contractors will come to your home and may provide free: New, energy-efficient lighting, Repair or replacement of doors and windows, Microwaves, water heaters*, refrigerators and high-efficiency clothes washers**. Insulation, weather-stripping and caulking to lower heating and cooling costs. Visit for more information and restrictions.
  14. Consider Solar Panels
  15. Install Rain Barrels- By collecting rain from a roof during wet months and storing it in a tank or cistern, homeowners can create an alternative supply that won’t tax the groundwater or jack up the water bill.

Happy Earth day!

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