Why you don’t want to know who is moving in!

August 13, 2018by melissad0

While we understand your desire to know who is taking good care of your home, we have some legal limitations and requirements. That is a great and understandable question.

However, the Department of Real Estate and Fair housing laws allow us to only review an applicant based on the following three things:

1. Credit score

2. Verifiable income and

3. Verifiable rental history.

A professional management company like us will assure you, the applicant(s) for your home have met the requirements of these three qualifications.

You hired a manager for a reason, and we have every client’s best interest at heart. We follow the law and protect your investment as best as we can. If you would like ask for the Rental Qualifications page for further review or give you more information about Fair Housing and its regulations.

Additionally, we have a credit bureau agreement that in fact we cannot distribute any copies of the credit report to anyone other than the applicants; since the responsible party is the management company we must hold this information confidential. We also have a requirement that all credit reporting information, applications, and credit report must be held in a locked cabinet, subject to review by the Department of Real Estate and related agencies upon demand.

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