30 day notice received….now what?

October 22, 2018by melissad0

We recently received a written 30-day notice to terminate tenancy from the resident residing in your property. We want to advise you of the process our team will begin in order to efficiently move out the current resident and locate and place another qualified resident. Our goals are to minimize the vacancy period and the loss of rent on your behalf, however we believe in cautiously verifying all the pertinent credit, employment and rental history information to assure the best possible resident for your investment property.

Here is the game plan:

-We will attempt to retain them or extend their lease or inquire as to the reason for relocating.

-We will inform them that we need to perform a pre-inspection of the property prior to their complete move-out. The pre-inspection gives us an opportunity to inspect the property and obtain a rough estimate of the rent ready repairs or maintenance necessary to re-lease the property. We also use this time to advise the resident of items that they would ultimately be responsible for and give them ample time to correct the conditions. Sometimes the residents refuse our request to inspect and consequently this delays our ability to schedule needed maintenance, painting and repairs. We will make every effort to gain access to the premises however this can be a time-consuming if the residents choose to complicate the process. Additionally a preventive maintenance inspection is completed looking for water leaks and property shortcomings.

Security Deposit Rules

Pursuant to California Law we must return the security deposit to the resident minus any deductions for damages (repairs, cleaning, and/or rent) within 21 days after possession has been surrendered. Any deductions from their deposit must be accompanied by supporting documentation (receipts) of the charges.

Once vacant, we will immediately begin the rent-ready process to prepare the property for the next resident. Our goal is to have the property ready for tenancy within five to ten days.

The first step is assuring maintenance and repairs are handled effectively. This includes inspecting and replacing the furnace filters, and smoke alarm batteries and the required Carbon Monoxide sensors. This is followed by prepping and painting walls as needed.

Once the repairs and painting are complete, the cleaning of the rental is scheduled. The next item to be completed is the carpet cleaning. (unless new carpet was installed)

As per industry standards we will have the locks rekeyed and install any missing deadbolts on exterior doors, this is necessary to protect you as well as the resident from any potential liabilities.

During all this we are actively advertising and showing the home to prospective renters. A lease and move in should be executed soon!

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