Is your property in Summer Shape?!

June 17, 2020by melissad0

By Rachel Tandet

FBS Property, AMO

The weather is starting to heat up which can only mean one thing- the busiest time of year for leasing is approaching QUICK- Is your property in summer shape?

Here are 10 tips to prepare your property for summer

  1. Service the Air Conditioners – Before you inevitably get that frantic call. Enlist a licensed HVAC contractor to service the A/C unit. They will be able to inspect the unit to look for any potential problems and be able to repair them before your residents really need it.
  2. Schedule Smart- Handle any large maintenance items now – many owners don’t realize that they are losing tons of income conducting these projects during what would be peak months of renting. Complete your large maintenance items such as exterior painting, new roofing, plumbing maintenance, etc. in the winter/springtime so the property is ready to be rented out in summer. Sometimes you get a better rate too!
  3. Upgrade/Engage in the digital world – This is not a surprise when I say we are living in a digital world. The rental market is competitive, and you want to be in the competition. By upgrading your system to a complete digital operation allows you to stay in the game and improve your overall business efficiency. Post online, communicate online, allow rent collection online!
  4. Curb Appeal – You never get a second chance to make a GREAT first impression. Clean up the overgrown plants/weeds that may have grew during the winter season. Add some mulch or rocks to the bare areas. The front yard should look its absolute best to make it inviting to prospect renters.
  5. Summer Storms – Although it is uncommon here, rain does happen and it is imperative that you are prepared. Get your roofs and gutters cleaned and inspected to avoid major issues!  
  6. Bugs, Rodents Oh my! – Summer heat can be great but also brings the insects out of hiding. Take the time to ensure your window/door screens do not have any holes in them and are sealed properly. It never hurts to do an outdoor spray before the season to help prevent the bugs from entering.
  7. Pools/spas – Make sure the pool is clean and add it to your marketing!
  8. Fire safety – As it is always important to ensure your property has working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers!
  9. Exterior Paint – As important as the landscaping is so is the appeal of the front of the house or building. Touch up any peeling paint, power wash cobwebs and remove any left over wires from an old satellite dish.
  10. Would you rent it? – Look at your property with an outside perspective!

Market trends are always changing but there is one thing for sure and that is summer leasing season is crucial. Take the time you have now to prepare for the busy season, so you and your residents can enjoy summer! Our FBS team is ready to go if you need help leasing and managing your home!

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