Are you leading your team during this Crisis?

July 13, 2020by melissad0

By: Lucinda Lilley,


Vice President,  FBS Property Management, AMO®

There is opportunity in every difficulty. We have a responsibility to lead differently through the myriad of changes we are encountering.  It is time to remember that “change” is quite common and this, too, shall pass. Crisis is a distraction…..we are called to get past the distraction and find traction in the ability to move forward.  Crisis reveals true leadership.

What does Leadership in Crisis look like?

Let’s consider the following bullet points and takeaways

  • Put people first….our residents and tenants, our clients, our staff, ourselves
    • Be transparent and communicate, be sincere and concerned
  • Help people become better through the crisis
    • Our day to day life looks different for everyone.  Be the guide in helping others determine how they will rise and decide how they want to “show up”
  • Be adaptable and flexible
    • Processes are definitely not the same.  Demands of time are not the same for you, or for your  staff or renters/tenants.  We all understand and shift as necessary be it by the day or by the hour.
  • Leverage our teams
    • Our teams need room for creativity and problem solving within the parameters of the organization’s core values.  Support and encourage active participation in the shifts that are essential
  • Use good judgement
    • So, be careful of spending time thinking of what COULD happen rather than focusing on what is happening; catch yourself if you are feeling as if everything is going wrong and find a team member who can help you see differently; beware of uncertain anxiety and find outlets that ground you
  • You want to be authentic and encourage other to do so by example
    • In Dr. John C. Maxwell’s book, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect”,  he illustrates the essential nature of transparency in inviting others to be a part of your team.  Whether the team is staff, Executive, team with family, team with residents, team with clients, team with valued Industry Partners… real. Be true.  Connect by talking WITH rather than talking TO.

FBS Property Management, AMO remains present to support you and provide the highest quality management even if it looks a little different right now.  We remain committed to leading this industry, our clients, and customers with all the above in mind.  If you have a concern, please tell us.  If we can be of help to you, please ask

Half way through 2020 and does it look different than we planned…but our teams are here for you no matter what.

Be Safe.  Be Well.

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