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Cheers to 25 years- Pam Neillo Retires from FBS

Cheers to 25 years- Pam Neillo Retires from FBS

By Neil Fjellestad and Chris DeMarco

Generally, individuals rarely have the longevity of twenty-five years within the same organization and that cannot be taken lightly.  Pam Neillo was hired in 1995 and has been a key part of the FBS success.

Pam is one of those individuals that property management found her; she felt a career connection to the never-ending to-do list, inter-personal communication demands and the deep satisfaction that captures a few of us. She found a calling that allowed her to utilize her natural expertise as well as the education she received many years before.

Pam accepted an invitation to join our organization. She was a realtor coming from Prudential California Real Estate. A large expanding real estate brokerage company when she was introduced to FBS. A company that was taking over the real estate management department that she had joined the previous year. Pam was looking for an opportunity with a up and coming company as she grew her personal career. Once we spoke with her for a few minutes it was pretty clear Pam could and would play an integral part at FBS.  

Although new to FBS and she was open to everything and everyone around her. Most second guessing what and how she should operate. She had opinions and concerns that she would patiently wait to express. Her patience was rewarded with respect. Pam showed a flexibility to adopt to different systems while calming existing clients, residents, and suppliers.

Pam led our North County office and staff assigned with diligence and dedication. Promoting other employees’ individual needs and professional growth both within the Industry. She mentored many in their respective career and future.

As an influential representative within the local realtor and business community. She introduced the merits of FBS Property Management while becoming an ongoing resource to all that needed guidance. Her value carried over within our industry taking on voluntary leadership roles at NARPM and SCRHA.

Pam was momma-bear to so many talented young staffers. She rose to corporate Vice President and for a quarter century she has been FBS to North County.

So, here we are. We now celebrate Pam and her 25 years (quarter century) commitment to FBS. It is with great privilege and respect; we recognize Pam Neillo for her outstanding achievements within our company, San Diego County, and the Rental Housing industry.

Thank you Pam.

Neil, Cheery and Chris.



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