Section 8- Rental Assistance Program

March 25, 2021by melissad0

The Section 8 program opens up available rentals to a whole new pool of ready and willing renters. It provides an opportunity for housing with the city providing payment for a portion of the rental amount and utilities. The payment is given directly to the management company or landlord. Residents have to apply to be accepted with some on waiting lists for months. While each resident is treated equally, the process for a Section 8 application is a bit more involved.

Each application is reviewed and approved based on a set of qualifications consistent with the property. These range depending on the management company or owner, but applied to each application; typically based on a required amount of income, minimum credit score requirement and rental history.

Rental assistance through the Section 8 program is legal and verifiable income. For example, if the rent of a home is $1,500 and the resident’s portion is $500 a month, then the monthly income requirement would be $1,500 (gross income requirements being 3 times the monthly rent). The rest of the application process remains the same with the resident needing to meet the minimum credit requirements and rental verification.

Once the application has been approved, we start communication with the resident’s case worker. We submit the Request for Tenancy Approval packet (RFTA). This is sent along with the lease to ensure compliance. It clearly states who is responsible for which utilities and the term is for a minimum of 6—months. Then the HAP contract between management/owner and the housing commission is processed.

The next step is for the inspection of the home. The case worker gives a potential date and calls the day of the appointment to schedule the time. Typically this is done in person. However, in today’s virtual world this is done by the management company or owner.

After all this, the resident is ready to move in! Funds are typically deposited directly into the account shortly after the move-in and arrive timely each month.

While the process may be a bit more involved than your regular application process, the Housing Commission does offer incentives, including deposit payments and utility allowance, up to a $500 leasing bonus and, damage claim reimbursement of up to $5,000.

For more information pertaining to the Section 8 program and the landlord partnership program below:

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