A year of Excellence

December 16, 2021by melissad0

Time to celebrate our 2021 year of Excellence.  What a year it has been. Although we are still dealing with challenges and changes brought on by the Pandemic our company has transitioned well.


This year focused on was the ERAP Program or Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Our accounting and compliance department has dedicated hundreds and hundreds of hours on this. Alerting residents of the program, coaching them through the process, submitting or approving paperwork, communicating the city and county about how we can get relief to our customers. Most applications took about 120 days to be completed, submitted, approved and funds received. To date we have assisted in procuring over $120,000, with the highest individual amount being $18,000.

Another challenge this year was the overreach of the County Board of Supervisors. Many of you received our letters and know that our executive team spent hours calling into the meetings pleading the case to eliminate the eviction moratorium and just cause termination limits. We have worked to get many properties back into the hands of our clients and mitigate damages as much as possible.

Maintenance this year was a real challenge. We are fighting day in and day out to get supplies and vendors who can perform the work our properties need.  The number of leaks and remediation averaged over 30 a month. If our team is offering you preventative maintenance it is because we don’t want to see the possibility of resident displacement and lengthy, costly repairs. The trickle down effect of the supply chain break down is being felt and will continue for the foreseeable future.


Leasing was crazy this year! We communicated with over 35,000 guest cards, completed over 1200 showings virtual and physical. Processed of 1600+ applications, turned over 200+ homes.

This year we put more emphasis to our social media. Why? You may ask. Well, our goal is simple. To educate. The more future residents and even owners we reach the more prepared they are to be in the rental housing industry. There was no class in high school about how to be a good resident! If you haven’t already please follow up on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube. We hope you will engage with us and see some of the fun we get to have throughout the year.

Lucinda and Melissa also started a Youtube Series called Leading Ladies– To educate and promote women in leadership. Check it out and let us know what you think!

CPM of the Year


Finally, we had a big year of recognition. We share this with you not to brag.  You choose to work with a company whom has been honored by the industry and community. You could choose anyone, but you choose us and for that we are grateful.

Lucinda was named a finalists for the San Diego Magazine Celebrating Women issue. Also, a finalist for the Leadership award from the North San Diego Business Chamber. She was also named CPM of the Year,- that is a national honor. She was also awarded the Presidents Award from IREM San Diego.

As a company we are so proud to have won the BBB Torch Award for Business in Ethics.

At the Southern California Rental Housing Association, we were nominated as the Best Property Management Company in San Diego. Natalie was nominated for Leasing Professional of the Year. Alisyn was nominated and won 1st place for Assistant Property Manager of the Year, and Stephen was nominated and won 2nd place for Multi-Site manager of the year.   Please help us congratulate our team on a job well done.

With all that said we are grateful to our clients, residents, the industry, and community.

We wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and new year!


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