What the pandemic said to CA housing providers

March 31, 2022by melissad1

What the pandemic said:

  • Housing Providers you are essential.
  • You must continue working and provide housing no matter what.
  • Homeowners you have little to no rights over your property.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what our local and state legislators said to all housing providers over the last two years. Unintended consequences, maybe, but it feels more personal than that if you are in the business.

Even this week, the San Diego City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera has docketed the eviction moratorium for this coming Monday, April 4. The moratorium would ADD restrictions against no-fault termination of tenancy.

This means:

  • You can’t move in your property.
  • Homeowners cannot move in a family member who has fallen on tough times.
  • You cannot remove the unit from the rental market.
  • Homeowners cannot choose to substantially remodel their home.

This continued attack on housing providers will substantially alter the future of California Housing.

At this point we don’t know what will happen, but proposed notice requirements could be anywhere from 60 days to six months! And there is still no end date. The scary part is the ordinance would be in place for 60 days after the local emergency ends, which could be months or years out.

Two years, we have had an eviction moratorium. Two years, owners have had to try and get by. Residents continue to not pay and owners are supposed to just deal. Sure, there is rent relief, but that takes time. And, read our other blogs on how that process has gone.

The message is loud and clear

We will continue to help the resident long before we help homeowners. If ever.

At the same time, the sales market has little restriction, allowing for extreme price influx. 100k over ask? This tells mom and pop rental owners to sell and get out of the rental game quick.

Who do they sell too? The new family moving into town? Probably not…the investor or large corporation who has money to throw at the bidding war. They will flip it and sell it again at an extreme number to turn a profit.

CA will lose out on the high-quality mom and pop housing providers. They are going to sell and buy in a more friendly rental industry state. We are already seeing the mass exodus from California.

What can you do? Well, know who you vote for. What do they stand for. Our they trying to work together with Housing Providers?

In the meantime, contact members of the City Council and ask them to oppose further regulation on rental housing. If you live, have property, or run your business in the City of San Diego, MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Click here to find your Council District and email contact for Councilmembers.

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  • Susan Adams

    March 31, 2022 at 10:02 am

    Powerful and true facts. The homeowner/renter is the unsung hero here. I sure hope we can find a way to keep us all housed and in business. It is very one sided today. And there is only so much an owner can financially be expected to put out without any incoming rents. You make some excellent and timely points in this short article. It is a complex and ongoing issue that needs to be addresed and resolved.


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