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June 23, 2022by melissad0

In a hot market leasing is easy. Sure, maybe but there still are some really common mistakes housing providers make:


  1. Overpriced or under priced- know what your rental is actually valued at.
  2. Making Fair Housing Violations- You better know them!
  3. Advertising way to far ahead of time
  4. Advertising a home that is not ready to show or move in.
  5. Using dated pictures
  6. You better paint, clean or update the home before posting pictures
  7. Scared to use social media
  8. Forgetting to post a video
  9. Quick communication to prospects
  10. Not leaving it to the professionals to handle

Prospective residents in this market have very little patience for your marketing mistakes, lack of skill or knowledge. Think about the above before you post. Just getting the property posted online quick is no longer effective. Make sure it is clean, crisp, and attractive. The advertisement and the home. This initial marketing can and does set the tone for the whole relationship. How you write your ad and the picture you choose show the prospect how much you care and how you will treat them.

Before posting, insure your property is presentable.  Do you know the neighborhood?  Are highlighting that in the ad? Always be constantly updating your ad. New pictures, marketing title and description can help. Consider posting flyers in the neighborhood. Make sure your landscape is nice as curb appeal matters.

Always remember that your rental property is a business, not a hobby. It deserves to be treated as such, if not by you then hire a professional property manager who can make the most of your investment!

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