Selling Real Estate in San Diego

May 18, 2023by melissad0

Selling Real Estate in San Diego? Why would you?

Well, there are some cases you might need to but when it comes time to sell your rental property just know that- We don’t. Selling real estate in San Diego is not what we are good at. We know it and partner with Real Estate agents who are good at it. If you need a quality agent- reach out and we can help!

Don’t sell CA real estate

If you don’t need to, then keep any sort of California real estate you can. This is the surest most reliable income source and investment. Unless you are active in the stock market and willing to take big risks then real estate is the path for you. It is the slow and steady investment. A marathon, not a race to the pot of gold. We believe that retiring on rent and building generational wealth through housing is the obvious choice.

Resident Occupied

This is a whole other beast. When owners hire Real Estate agents who are not used to working with property managers and resident occupied homes it can become extremely difficult. Hungry real estate agents will often come on to aggressive and alienate the resident. There is coaxing and a kid glove approach with residents that needs to happen. You are potentially taking their home away from them. They are scared and inconvenienced. Residents don’t care that you as a real estate agent are trying to make money. Residents don’t care that the owner wants to sell. They can make life difficult if you aren’t careful. Collaborating with the property manager is number one.

Property Management is very different

Yes, we are both in the real estate industry. Yes, we both get similar licenses. But, frankly, the two professions are unrelated. It would be like saying a cardiologist can perform brain surgery. Both are doctors yes, but totally different levels of understanding and skills. Could one fake it and hope nothing goes wrong. Totally. But are you willing to do that with your most expensive asset? Hope nothing goes wrong. Fingers crossed. Good luck with that.

How does it work?

Most real estate agents prefer not to deal with rentals. It isn’t where the money is for them. They also are usually unaware of the many laws and regulations. So, they trust a company like us. We manage their client’s property for a year, two years, five years whatever it may be until they are ready to sell. At that point, we give them right back to the referring agent. It’s a win win for all.

Bottom line, we think if you can buy and hold California real estate its a great investment alternative and the start of generational wealth for your family.

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