The Realities of Rental Income

The notion that rental property income equal millions of dollars is a misconception that often overlooks the complex financial dynamics property owners face. Let’s delve into the breakdown of the rental dollar to understand the intricate web of expenses that property owners navigate. Breaking Down the Rental Income Dollar: The National Apartment Association’s insight into...

Haunted Rental House

The Haunted Rental House….. Once upon a dark and stormy night in a quiet town, property manager Dave, a practical and skeptical man, received an urgent call. The call was from Mrs. Abernathy, a tenant who had recently moved into Rental House 13, a charming Victorian-era cottage. She claimed the house was haunted. Dave, not...

California Rental Property

Owning rental property in California can be great but it can also be challenging for a variety of reasons. Here are some to consider: High property values: California is known for having high property values, which can make it difficult to purchase rental properties. The high prices can make it difficult to obtain mortgages.  It...

Technology and Property Management

Renters and owners demand technology of their property management company. We started this process a long time ago. Investment in tech is a must. Rental Search I can remember the days of newspaper ads and hot sheets. When calls for properties only came from the sign on the house or a flyer posted. How quickly...

2023 San Diego Rental Perspective

Our 2023 Rental Perspective is here! Unlike the 2022 Rental Perspective, 2023 appears to be very different.  Here is what we are expecting: Leasing We expect to experience much lower leasing rates. All the movement during the pandemic is cooling big time.  The interest in property came to a screeching halt at the end of...

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