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Welcome to the FBS Rent Sense Blog. We will be posting weekly Rent Sense Articles written by Neil and Chris. These articles can also be seen in major publications such as the San Diego Union Tribune. Our goal is to bring quality information to help counsel those already in or interested in the industry. Check […]

Don’t buy the home warranty

Home warranty programs are not a norm. We have very few home warranty programs held by property owners. Most Home Warranty programs are on a new purchase home and are generally a one year program. These warranties are sometime renewed for additional years but seldom. It is extremely important for a new client to advise […]

Rent Sense: Smart Owners Avoid Mistakes

Rent Sense: Smart Owners Avoid Mistakes By Neil Fjellestad and Chris De Marco FBS Property Management Some investors become independent rental owners by design as a result of well-planned financial strategy and/or the advice of a trusted CPA or CFP. These “strategic investors” usually employ recommended professional property management as well. Others are “situational investors” […]

Back to Basics- Landlord 101 in 2018

Back to Basics- Landlord 101 in 2018

Back to Basics- Landlord 101 in 2018 By: Melissa DeMarco- Director of Operations and Marketing Offer different ways of collecting rent. Especially online options! Consider Venmo or paypal Know the laws- or hire someone who does Regularly attend classes, webinars or pay attention to SDCAA updates Create a policy and stick to it Use your […]

KTS Legal Questions Sept 2018

Kimball,Tirey&St.JohnLLP Landlord/Tenant Questions & Answers Ted Kimball, Esq. September, 2018 1. Question: I have a two bedroom apartment rented to two roommates. One roommate always pays the rent on time. The other roommate is habitually late. Can I do an eviction based on a partial payment even though the month is not over? Answer: Both […]

Owners should not have copies of keys

Security is a fundamental step to avoiding lawsuits and unfortunate situations that could happen at a property and we take the safety of the residents very seriously. The Industry Standard as well as our legal counsels advises on the matter that residences are to be re-keyed between each new residential household. We sign a new […]