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Welcome to the FBS Rent Sense Blog. We will be posting weekly Rent Sense Articles written by Neil and Chris. These articles can also be seen in major publications such as the San Diego Union Tribune. Our goal is to bring quality information to help counsel those already in or interested in the industry. Check […]

Why you don’t want to know who is moving in!

While we understand your desire to know who is taking good care of your home, we have some legal limitations and requirements. That is a great and understandable question. However, the Department of Real Estate and Fair housing laws allow us to only review an applicant based on the following three things: 1. Credit score, […]

Marketing & Leasing Q & A with The Melissa’s

Marketing & Leasing Q & A with The Melissa’s Melissa De Marco is Director of Operations & Marketing for FBS Property Management, AMO in San Diego. FBS manages residential assets ranging in size from 1 – 100 units-houses, condos, small to medium apartment communities. For the last 10 years, her role is to uphold FBS […]

Rent Sense: Respect Your Neighbors

Rent Sense: Respect Your Neighbors

Rent Sense: Respect Your Neighbors By Neil Fjellestad and Chris De Marco FBS Property Management Life is hard enough. Who needs a neighbor that comes home late and cranks up the volume on the television or stereo; has a barking dog when left alone; children that run and scream; loud parties and frequent visitors that […]

Yelp Schmelp

Q- Why are your Yelp reviews mixed? A- FBS enjoys an interesting customer service role in the business community. First of all, our clients are independent landlords and our customers are their tenants. Landlords and tenants rarely agree on much due to completely different points of view. There are a myriad of consumer laws and […]

Ms. Management

Q. I’m a leasing specialist that loves what I do; for my customers, my team and company. So, I give an excellent tour last week to a couple of roommates and it looks like a perfect fit. They have another property to visit but I’m not worried. I follow-up the next day and I sense […]