Renter Insurance

Whether you are a San Diego native or new to the area, you probably currently have or at least heard of renter insurance. There is a large (and growing) community of rental properties within our county and most require Renter Insurance. Many people tend to assume or have a complete misconception of what this type...

Housing Providers CANT apply for Rent Relief

It is very simple, the money is there but housing providers cant apply for rent relief without the residents participation. There is over 50 million still available in relief, but residents have to play an active role. You may have heard in last night’s county board of supervisors meeting many claims that there is rent...

Eviction Ban and Rent Cap Vote

On Tuesday, May 4, the San Diego County Board of Supervisor will vote to ratify the ordinance “TO BAN RESIDENTIAL EVICTIONS WITHOUT JUST CAUSE AND TO ENACT A RENT CAP.” Back in April we saw this an urgency measure requiring 4 votes, the measure was allowed to pass as a regular ordinance on a 3-2...

What goes into a turnover?

A turnover, is when you move out of your home and we are turning the unit for the next person. There is a common misconception that property managers want residents to move. That could not be further from the truth. Keeping good residents in our homes is the number 1 goal. Why? Because a move...

Onsite Manager and what you can expect

An onsite manager can be a huge perk when renting your next apartment. Long gone are the days where your landlord is banging on your door. You can picture it- possibly dressed in a house gown with rollers in her hair and a cigarette asking for you to pay your rent!  Why have an on-site...

Promote housing opportunities for all persons regardless of race, religion, sex, marital status, ancestry, national origin, color, familial status, or disability (Government Code Section 65583(c)(5)).

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