Vote No on Props 15 and 21!

August 4, 2020by melissad0

It is an election year and Props 15 and 21 are dangerous to the rental housing industry. You need to know what you are voting for. This short 5-minute video will help explain why you should vote NO ON PROP 15 and PROP 21!!!

Prop 15

Amid an unprecedented economic crisis, special interests are pushing Prop 15 on the November 2020 statewide ballot that will destroy Prop 13’s property tax protections and will be the largest property tax increase in California history. The measure will raise taxes on business property, which will ultimately get passed on to consumers in the form of increased costs on just about everything people buy and use, including groceries, fuel, utilities, day care and health care. Learn More!

Prop 21

Proposition 21 does nothing to address California’s housing crisis.

The California Voters already said no to Rent Control! Our legislators pushed a version through with AB 1482. Now they are coming after the most vulnerable. This will make the housing crisis worse, not better.

Prop 21 repeals portions of California’s rent control law that protects single family homeowners and has no plan to build affordable and middle-class housing or deal with the increasing problem of homelessness on our streets. Prop 21 includes no protections for renters, seniors, veterans, or the disabled, and it has no provision to reduce rents. For Californians losing jobs – and both renters and homeowners who are struggling – this poorly written initiative is the last thing we need. Learn More!

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