Rent Sense: Thinking about Selling your rental property?

January 28, 2021by melissad0

Much love to our Real Estate Agent friends…..we know that you all work hard. It is a constant hustle. For property managers it is more of a long term relationship. So when agents come out of nowhere ready to sell a property we manage, the way it is handled matters.

Thinking about selling your rental property? These type of questions are why Property Owners hire a team like us. We often have been involved for many years. We not only manage the property effectively long term but we WANT to advise clients in making the best choices when it comes to that real estate investment. Often we can provide options like helping the resident purchase the house they have called home. Or providing a list of potential investors who are looking to grow their portfolio.

So Property owners next time you are thinking about selling your rental property- Let’s talk it through first. We know that sometimes the pressure to sell can be enormous or you think you can’t handle the regulations anymore. That’s what we are here for!

Real Estate Agents – Please remember that we have usually worked with these owners for many years, seen them though maintenance issues and leasing. We have also built a relationship with the residents who likely have an emotional attachment to the home. In these stressful situations it is important to keep us involved. We want to work together when selling a property with residents in place! We all want the process to be a positive and smooth transition.

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