Resident Perspective

February 12, 2021by melissad0

The resident perspective on our services is half our business. In the property management world our job is to balance the goals of the property owner with the needs of the resident. We build a relationship from the beginning with both. It is a long term relationship that can have highs and lows.

We want long term residents. That means they are happy with their home and happy with our service. Turnover of a rental property is inevitable but retaining residents for years is rewarding.

While we we represent two traditional adversaries- as society would tell us; they really should be considered more like teammates- both working towards a common goal. Both need each other to succeed, all with the help of a professional management team.

Property Owners hold all the risk, but also are the most rewarded. Their property very likely will keep on growing in value and someone is paying their mortgage, while we watch out for their best interest. Let’s remember though without owners purchasing property or keeping it available on the rental market many residents would not have a chance to live in San Diego. Housing providers should get more respect and appreciation from society and government for the commodity we desperately need.

Likewise, residents deserve the utmost respect too. They are shelling out 40-50% of their monthly income to cover someone else’s mortgage. Active residents are consistently looking out for the property and alerting the manager of any concerns. Allowing for proactive maintenance and over all long term property health.

Property Owners and Residents working together and not against is so necessary for future sustainability of this industry. The mom and pop shop if you will. We need to protect it. Our job is to protect it, for both residents and owners.

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