What goes into a turnover?

April 29, 2021by melissad0

A turnover, is when you move out of your home and we are turning the unit for the next person. There is a common misconception that property managers want residents to move. That could not be further from the truth. Keeping good residents in our homes is the number 1 goal. Why? Because a move out takes A LOT of work and money! So you may be curious what happens when you turn in your thirty day notice.

A 30 day notice is received

This triggers a checklist of about 45 steps. Including processing the notice in the system, sending all legal documents required by law. We plan to place a sign if you live in a house. We schedule the initial inspection. This is required by CA law to occur the last two weeks you live in the home. After that we review the work order history to get an idea of what work might be needed. When is the last time we painted? Replaced Carpet?

We have to alert the owner, that they need to save funds for the turnover and possible mortgage payment in 30 days.

After you turn in keys

Our team immediately goes to the property to assess the work needed. Typically, we average anywhere from 3-5 a day depending on the month. So, when you don’t turn your keys in on time it can throw the whole schedule off.

Why are we on such a time crunch? Well, everyday the home isn’t rented is costing the owner and us money. But, also we only have 21 days, not business days, to complete the move out and return your deposit. This includes the assessment, assigning the work to a vendor who has to estimate, complete and bill. A supervisor puts together any of the charges and processes the itemization through accounting.  During this time we are showing the home to prospective renters and checking in on the work as well. 21 days is not a long time for all that has to happen!

Items you might see on a typical rent ready list include:

  • Paint- Full or touch up?
  • Carpet Clean or Replacement?
  • Screen replacement if ripped
  • Door Stoppers
  • Fireplace sweep
  • Window cleaning
  • Installing GFCI outlets where needed
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Checking smoke and CO detector
  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Checking angle stops
  • Whole house clean
  • Re Key

After all the work is done, we hopefully have approved applications and a scheduled move in. We will go to the home about 3 days prior to move in to check everything and do a full assessment. The goal is to have the home clean and ready for move in. So all in all, the move out process takes many hours, lots of legal requirements and timelines. We are in the business of keeping residents in their homes whenever possible!

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