Traits of a great Property Manager

May 20, 2021by melissad0

The traits of your future or current property manager will greatly impact the success of your property. Property Managers are housing providers. Our job is to walk the fine line between the homeowner’s desires and financial constraints, all while still providing quality housing to the resident. While it is easy to pick a property manager based on price, we submit that it should be the last thing you consider. When interviewing a property manager, you should be looking for certain traits in that person and company.

Consider these:

  1. Do they ask good questions? When you interview them, they should in turn interview you. This is a long-term partnership.
  2. Ask the right questions about your property and your long-term goals.
  3. Attention to detail– A great property manager anticipates needs. Are they mid readers- no, but they should have a keen eye? Check their current property ads, how do they look? Are the pictures and video good quality? Can you find any spelling or grammar issues? This is the easy part and should always be correct.
  4. Personable– Communication and relationships are a major component of successful management. Often, a personable manager can help diffuse otherwise hostile situations.
  5. Trustworthy– When picking a manager, you should really listen to that gut feeling. 
  6. Organized– Do they come prepared? Does their website make sense and flow? Is the process hiring them easy to understand? This is the groundwork for the rest of the relationship.
  7. Communicative– When interviewing them are they consistently following up as promised. Again, how they handle this initial part, is probably how they will handle your relationship.  
  8. Committed to Education– Are they investing in their team to grow and be better? This should matter to you. If they are not constantly working to know more now, they will not go above and beyond later.
  9. Involved in the Industry Are they active with local associations, and the Better Business Bureau. You should want a company or manager who is actively engaged in the industry, advocating, and educating on your behalf.
  10. Involved in the Community– Do they volunteer? Do they donate? If so to what and why? This will tell you a lot about a company.

When the time comes for you to hire a Property Manager consider these top 10 traits.

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