Housing Provider vs Landlord

May 27, 2021by melissad0

What is the difference between housing provider and landlord. According to Wikipedia the concept of a landlord can be traced back to medieval times.

Today we hear “landlord” to describe any individual or company providing housing for persons who do not own their own homes. Most homeowners who enter the rental industry do so because they are moving to a different type of home, location or as an investment alternative.  We represent owners who are military service members who bought a home while stationed here. They kept their home instead of selling to give someone else the opportunity to live here. We represent owners who worked hard, saved their money and bought a starter condo. They are renting it out until they downsize and maybe move back in.

A housing Provider can be a homeowner and/or property manager. People who work tirelessly every day to serve and protect the housing industry. We would submit that the term “landlord” should stay back in medieval times. We do not view ourselves as landlords. It is such a harsh term to describe what we do. We are housing providers.

Landlords are those who refuse to take care of the property or do not follow Fair Housing Laws. Housing providers are people who adhere to high ethics and best practices. We take pride in solving problems, being supportive, and offering someone a home they may not otherwise have access too. Housing providers should not be lumped in with “slumlords”. There is a big difference between the majority in the industry consistently doing the right thing and those few who are not.

Housing providers consistently train and are involved in the industry. We are apart of your community and give back our time and money.  It is time to shift the negative stereotype that all who rent homes are landlords. We are not all the same. We have chosen this career and take pride in our job to provide quality housing.

In recent years, there has been a lot of animosity towards housing providers. It comes from both the public and government. This anger is misplaced. We are simply here to provide a product. It is a product that is at the mercy of supply and demand in the free market.  Housing is a business and should be treated as such. A business that is consistently under attack and over regulation, instead of appreciation.

Come walk a day in our shoes and you will see we are housing providers, not landlords.

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