Move Out Pet Peeves

August 12, 2021by melissad0

The move out process for property managers is arduous- not complaining, just stating facts. There are many legalities and deadlines we must meet. Some residents may not understand why they should communicate with us during this time. Mostly, it is out of common courtesy. We have a job to do and you letting us know your plans or reading the documents we provide will only expedite the process.

When you turn in your 30-day notice, it sets off a checklist of about 40+ tasks we need to do. Some can be done in advance; most are very time sensitive. Oh, and while we are on it…yes you have to submit a 30 day notice.

Here are some of the biggest pet peeves managers have during the move out process:


Not knowing when your lease is expiring.

Giving notice before your lease is coming up for expiration is a whole other scenario. That is called breaking your lease.

Or….Thinking that the end of the lease is just that, and not providing notice. Almost every lease, will require a 30-day notice.

A 30-day notice really means 30 days

You can submit for longer in advance, but not less.

Not accepting or declining the initial inspections

We have to offer this to you, and it must be done the last two weeks you live in the property. Not 16 days prior, exactly in that the two-week window. If you aren’t interested, that is totally ok- just let us know so we stop bugging you.

Questioning the “estimated” charges from the initial inspection.

Listen, this is a formality. The law says we must in a sense guess what could be charged to you. Silly right? I can’t see behind your couch or under the rug, I don’t know if you will clean or paint. Basically, we must give you the worst-case scenario. So be kind, this is a real case of “don’t shoot the messenger”.

Move Out

Not letting us know when you will be turning in keys

Seriously, we have 21 days to get your deposit back. 21 days, not business days- so actually it is more like 15. Think about that for a second. Fifteen days to get the keys, perform a move out assessment that takes a couple hours, scheduled vendors for estimates, get those estimates approved, paid for, determine what is charged to you and what is the owner’s responsibility and all before 21 days are up. If we know and can plan on getting your keys, the faster the move out can happen and the faster your deposit can be processed. Waiting until Friday afternoon, means we likely won’t get to it until Monday, maybe. Considering we probably have 4-8 other move outs on the same day. Turn your keys in early, if possible, but at the very least just tell us when you are dropping them off.

Not moving out when you say you will.

Typically, you give notice to move and within a week or so we are advertising the property for the next resident. If you tell us your moving on the 30th, we likely have a move in scheduled for the 15th. If you delay a day or two, that means the turnover work is delayed which usually means the move in is delayed for the next person. Don’t be that person, but if you run into a jam- talk to us!

Freaking out about charges.

We are human, we make mistakes. Send an email about why the charges are wrong, any photos or receipts you have and give us some time to look at it. Any given month we process about 20-30 itemization’s. Give us a chance to make it right.

In general, at move out- just over communicate with you manager. Working together works a lot better.

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