A day in the life: Marketing and Leasing Coordinator

September 30, 2021by melissad0

A day in the life of Marketing and Leasing Coordinator changes almost hourly. I have to be ready and willing to take on whatever comes my way.

About FBS

FBS Property Management, AMO is unique in many ways. We are an accredited management organization. That means we live by a much higher standard of ethics in what we do every day. We manage single family homes, condos, small apartment buildings and HOA’s across 72 zip codes! That means we must know 600 + different property types, residents, owners and all that they may want or need throughout their time with us.  On any given day, I might travel from National City to Pacific Beach and even Rancho Bernardo. This means I need to know a deep knowledge of all types of homes, I need to know specific details about rental pricing, HOA information, and different property types. I also have a diverse understanding of different communities across San Diego and Riverside Counties.

As a marketing and leasing coordinator my position and daily tasks inevitably adjust to what has happened over night or throughout the day. I am not only responsible for conducting property tours, but setting them up for success before that tour even happens. To me, the elements involved with conducting a tour are Marketing, Showings, Follow Up, Transparency and Feedback.


Let’s start with marketing. At FBS I manage and write all the marketing across our portfolios. I upload quality pictures and record an individual video property tour for each home. They are forming an impression of FBS by seeing what kind of effort we put into renting each one of our homes. One of our core values is to treat each home as if it were our own. I try to capture the emotion with each property. Because it was at some point my client’s home. There are memories and pride that I want to convey to future residents.



Once we have formed an online connection, we form a physical one. We have 24/7 leasing capabilities, meaning we are answering questions and setting appointments all day, every day.  My leasing team works 6 days a week to accommodate all showings needs. We can accommodate a virtual or in person leasing environment and try to work with each prospect in meeting their individual needs. I review important information about all our prospects, like pets or specific needs, before we meet with them. At the tour we greet them outside, discuss the property and neighborhood, then I personally tour them room by room answering all questions. At the end I review our qualifications and application process.

Follow up, Transparency and Feedback

As a marketing and leasing coordinator it is so important to remain transparent through the end of the showing and throughout the application process.  We follow up with each individual guest after every showing, and we offer a survey so we can receive feedback as a team- currently at a 4.5 out of 5!  Lastly, I know that most people believe that this experience ends with the showing but remaining transparent in communication and maintaining a connection is the key to helping someone find the right home for all their needs.  Maybe this home didn’t work out, but I might have another option. Connecting with potential residents is my number one goal, before, during and after a tour.

After that I am in charge of processing applications and assisting the all the way through the move in process. It is so fun and exciting when someone finds the home they were dreaming of!


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