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September 23, 2021by melissad0

FBS is truly a different type of management company. Since 1972 we have always been unique in comparison. We are an accredited management organization. Very few exist.

We also manage single family homes, condos, small apartment buildings and HOA’s across 72 zip codes. That means we must know 600+ different property types, residents, owners, and all that they may want or need. We drive all over! With that we also don’t have a maintenance staff, so every turnover or service requests demands specific attention, budgeting and follow up.


What makes FBS such a strong team is the willingness to adapt and innovate. As mentioned before, in 2020 we changed the structure of our company. The collaborative goal was to give each of us specific roles we would thrive in.  The industry has a long history of expecting everyone to understand all aspects of management -accounting, marketing, maintenance. We found it unrealistic and outdated.  Our whole team gave input to on what the new departments and roles looked like. What company lets it’s employees design and choose their job duties?


FBS is an educational organization. We have several designations and certifications across the staff. They are committed to their career in Property Management.



In 2020 we were limited on our volunteer efforts. We participated in the San Diego food bank drive donating both physically and virtually. We teamed up with a SCRHA preferred supplier and participated in a Animeals pet food drive. Our entire team donated to Red Nose Day- a cause dedicated to ending childhood hunger. As mentioned in the last question, the pitch a charity exercise really helped us learn more about each other and what was important to each of us. It was a great way to connect in such a crazy year!

Social Media

This year we started a Tik Tok and Instagram to educate residents, current and potential. Our goal was to be a resource to a generation that never took a Resident 101 class. We get messages daily from Tik Tok users asking for help finding their next home. We have been very successful sharing tips and tricks for move ins, move outs, applications etc. In addition to our many youtube videos we started a Leading Ladies series this year. Shining a light and providing a voice to female leaders to talk about their successes and challenges.

Industry Involvement

Finally, our involvement with the industry. SCRHA, IREM, NARPM, CAR, BBB– we are contributing to those associations that support our industry. We are committed daily to changing the way housing providers are viewed. Lucinda has been President for IREM and SCRHA. Melissa has Chaired the Marketing and Editorial Committee. Chris is the Chairman of the BBB foundation and an active committee member for SCRHA golf. We have been named a finalist for the BBB Torch awards in ethics for 2021. Our entire team wants to be a resource for both Residents, Owners the community all while protecting the industry.

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