How to Market your Rental Property

March 3, 2022by melissad0

Knowing how to market your rental property is something that can be left to the professionals or learned with a few of the following tips:

Steps to success:

  • A clean slate: unless your home is professionally staged an empty home leaves your prospective tenants with the ability to imagine making this space their own!
  • Turn on every light, both inside and outside of the home.
  • Set the ceiling fans on low for movement and the blinds down and open for extra natural light.
  • When using your iPhone, turn your camera on the 13mm lens, or the 0.5x. This is essential for successful marketing photos/videos. You can find examples below of what the normal lens and the 13mm looks like.

Marketing videos:

  • Everything in the above list carries over and some of these you can add to your marketing photos also.
  • Important: When doing your video do everything you can to avoid catching yourself in the mirrors or shadows. Remember to showcase the home and avoid any distracting elements.
  • Do you best to do a walk through and video the whole home. If you can take the video how you would be your showing it will give the viewer an experience like a virtual showing.
  • End the video with an overall shot of the best part of the home, to have a great closing memory for your prospective tenants.
  • When editing the video iMovie is a great resource that comes with an iPhone, you can also use it on your lab top.
  • Make sure to have smooth transitions between videos and a nice title screen to remind the viewers the property location.
  • If the home is currently available you can add a closing screen directing them to apply on your website.
  • Make sure the sound for the videos are off and add a nice song instead.
  • Pick a soundtrack through iMovie to create an ambiance while they watch the video. Nothing too upbeat, too slow or distracting. There are lots of great options, take your time in choosing a soundtrack that matches the emotion you want the viewer to have while looking at what could be their new home!
  • Once you are happy with your video you can add it to your YouTube platform and begin marketing!

Key Takeaways:

  • Prepare the house before photos/videos: All lights on and a clean slate.
  • Use the 13mm lens while taking photos/videos.
  • Angles, angles, angles!
  • Edit, Edit, Edit! Brighten up your photos/videos and make it attractive to viewers!
  • Watch the video completely before posting!
  • Have fun with your new marketing photos and videos!

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