Renter 101

February 24, 2022by melissad0

Welcome to Renter 101!

Last week we gave you tips on how the application process works. This week let’s talk about actually being a renter. So you have been approved and are getting ready to move in:

Here are the top things we think you need to know before you do….

  • Read your lease! This is the contract your manager will refer back to anytime something happens. Do you you know what is expected?
  • If you’re in the military make sure you read and understand the part of your lease that states what happens if you are deployed or if you end up having a permanent change of Station (PCS) . This is called the Military Clause There is one in every lease we send out.
  • Make sure you know who is responsible for utilities. It may be a shared cost with the owner?
  • Renters insurance… trust me on this one, you WANT to it.
  • Do you know how long your guest can stay? You will want to know, most leases state that its about 14 nights before someone has to be listed on your lease.
  • Oh and don’t sublease!

Let’s talk Maintenance:

  • The vent fan? Yeah, its not for what you think its for. You turn it on during a shower so you can circulate out the air and prevent possible mold growth or water damage. Open the bathroom window if you have one, yes I know its cold. Get dressed and then open the window to ventilate after a shower!
  • While I’m on that topic, just make sure you know who to call if you do end up getting water damage- a leak from plumbing or roof- hint it’s your property manager.
  • Check with your property manager to see where you can turn in a maintenance request. If you see something, say something!

Back to the lease:

  • You really want to understand what “Joint and severally liable means”. Basically, it just means that everyone listed on the lease are equally responsible for what happens. If your roommate doesn’t pay their portion of rent, it is on both of you. We don’t care whose fault it is, just pay the rent. Roommate issues are between you!
  • Do you Know when your rent is due? Also, when potential late fees could apply to you and how much. You also probably want to know what if you can pay rent online and set up auto-pay! Super easy!

Most important:

  • Lastly, please communicate with your property managers and try to remember that we are all human. We want to help you and make your time in your home enjoyable.

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