Resident Responsibility

May 12, 2022by melissad0

What is your responsibility as a resident looking for your next home?

Here are things we think you should research before applying and after move in:
  1. School District– If you find a property you love make sure you look up the actual school district and zoned school. We had one property that was a block away from an elementary school. One would assume that the school assigned to that home was obvious. Nope. This property fell under a different city and school district by less than a football field distance. This is not your property managers job to inform or confirm for you.
  2. Renter Insurance– We are not insurance experts. We cannot and should not advise you on policies. All we have is minimum requirements. Consult with professionals. This is definitely a resident responsibility.
  3. Property Restrictions: Did you read the marketing description before applying. Is this home in an age restricted area? Or are pets not allowed? Don’t get mad at your manager for you not reading.
  4. Older home woes: This is a tough one. The older craftsmen style homes like you see in North park are so cute, am I right? But. With that comes major potential plumbing issue and much more. You need to understand you are not moving in to a brand new home. Even those have their issues. Patience please.
  5. Internet and Cable– Residents in single family homes, condos and small apartment buildings typically have the choice in service. Therefore, your property manager will not know where the lines are, what the lines connect to etc. That’s up to you to call the cable company and figure out.
  6. Appliances– How to work the appliances is something that is learned over time living in a home. Sure we test the appliance to make sure it is working. We try to leave manuals if the owner supplies them. But, at the end of the day we manage so many different properties and so many different appliances. It would be impossible to know them all.
  7. Trash Day– Although we try, we are not perfect. And things change. So, when you move in try this: Walk over to your neighbor and introduce yourself. Ask them! Two birds, one stone.
  8. Finding your next home: Look, I blame BRAVO. This is not Million Dollar Listing. We are not the agents you see on TV. It’s up to you to look up properties. Sure, would we love to help you transfer to another one we manage. Of course, its easier for everyone. We already know how to work well together! But, in the end. It is not our job.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions around what a property manager does. As an adult, moving into a home there are certain personal responsibilities you need to take. Think of us more in a supporting role. Here to help when the oven stops working. Not your parents who should’ve probably already taught you most of this. Just kidding….kinda.

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