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Subletting….This is such an east coast thing. California does not typically see subletting. Nor do most allow it.

In your lease there is likely a section about this:


Your interest in the Residence and this Agreement may not be assigned, sublet, or otherwise transferred. Pretty point blank.

You may not advertise the Residence on Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Craigslist, or any other advertisement or listing service. Yes we will find out about it.

Any assignment, subletting or transfer (whether by your voluntary act, operation of law, or otherwise), will be void, and we may elect to treat it as a non-curable breach of this Agreement. Meaning we can ask you to leave.

So, what do you do? Well most importantly you talk to the property manager or homeowner. Discuss what you are trying to do. Often, we will have no problem re-leasing the home with resident cooperation. Meaning you help us accommodate showings, either virtual or physical. You help us get vendor access for estimates to have a quick turnover. Making these good faither gestures is a huge advantage in getting what you want. Working together.

The only time mangers and owners will be wary is during the holidays. November through December is just notoriously a slower time of year. Think about it, do you like to move during the holidays? Probably not unless you must.  Not to mention, when lease is in place the owner is not expecting it, so to drop keys and a vacancy on them during the holidays is not cool. We know things happen, being honest and communicative is key.

Homeowners, it is advised that you work with your resident. In most cases the turnover was going to happen at some point so you should be financially prepared for it. Hopefully it is a decent time of year. If the resident is trying to leave during the holidays try to negotiate or work together.

As always, communication and working together is the path of least resistance.

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