Thankful for a property manager

November 23, 2022by melissad0

In this time of reflection, we thought we’d give some reasons to be thankful for your property manager. Whether you are an owner or resident I bet in times of need you are super grateful to have someone to call. Property Managers are problem solvers….maybe even superheros. Just kidding….kind of.

Reasons to be thankful:

1. Emergencies- If you are an owner, this is probably the number one reason you hired a property manager. If you are a resident, having someone to call during this time is worth the rent increase.

2. Technology- Being able to pay rent online or submit maintenance requests from your phone.

3. Turnover- If you are an owner, not having to deal with showings, applications, move ins etc save you hours. It also reduces your risk. If you are a resident you can be grateful to have someone looking out for you when it comes to compliance and cleanliness.

4. Quiet Enjoyment- Your property manager is often doing work in the background to insure this.

5. Maintenance Reminders- most decent property managers are sending emails or notices to change your filters, check your heater or stove for the holidays.

6. Problems- Typically a property managers value is not appreciated until a problem hits. Then, you are happy to have us. Think during the pandemic, most homeowners didn’t have to worry about doing things the right way. They knew we were. Not sure who to send for that maintenance problem, we got ya covered.


How to thank your property manager:

1. Refer a friend or family member

2. Write a kind review

3. Share your experience to your social media and tag them- @rentingsandiego

4. Write a thank you note

5. Take care of the home you are in

6. Respond to them….nicely.

7. Read what they send you


When I first started in this industry, residents would pay rent with cookies or send in a nice card. Those a far and few between now. Or they would simply take care of the maintenance because they were just happy to and didn’t want to be a bother. When is the last time you thought about being thankful for your property manager?

I am sure in your industry you wish people would value what you did a little more. Its nice when people are nice, am I right? This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for our customers and clients. And, hey lets all try to be a little nicer.

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