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March 23, 2023by melissad0

What is a notice to enter? Just go in my property says an owner to the property manager. Well there in lies the first problem. It may be your property, but it is their home. And residents have a right to the quiet enjoyment and proper notice to enter.

Proper notice to enter a rental property is a notice given by a landlord to a tenant that states the landlord’s intent to enter the rental property and the reason for the entry. The notice should be given in writing and should include the date, time, and length of the proposed entry.

The time frame of the notice can vary depending on the laws of the state but generally:
  • it should be given at least 24 hours before the proposed entry.
  • unless it is an emergency
  • or the tenant has agreed to a shorter notice.

The notice should also include the purpose of the entry, such as for inspection, maintenance, repair, or showings to prospective tenants. The notice should also indicate if the entry will be made with or without the tenant being present.

The law also states that a landlord can only enter a rental unit at reasonable times.  Usually during normal working hours and not excessively, unless there is an emergency or the tenant has given their consent.

It is important for the landlord to understand and follow the laws on proper notice to enter rental property, as failure to provide proper notice can result in legal consequences for the landlord. Tenants also have the right to privacy and security, and respecting those rights is an important aspect of being a landlord.

To avoid making costly mistakes any rental property owner should enlist the help of a professional management organization. One who is up to date on the many rules and regulations. Let them be the buffer against any unintentional mistakes you may make.

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