Pain Points for Property Managers

March 30, 2023by melissad0

Most property managers have the same pain points. Daily life for a property manager can range from a dull headache to an appendix bursting. You think I am joking, news flash this job is only for those with a high pain tolerance. Ok, ok figuratively, but you get the idea.

Here are the top Pain Points your property manager is dealing with daily:
  1. Lack of communication: Residents, Owners, Vendors I don’t care who are you. Anyone that we work with on a daily basis who can’t communicate effectively can cause delays, misunderstandings, and inefficiencies. An inefficient world to a property manager is paint point #1.
  2. Untrustworthy: Again, of all the people we work with, trust is a must. If we lose trust in an owner doing the right thing. A resident being truthful. Or a vendor not delivering on promises made. In this relationship business that is a deal breaker.
  3. Being Rude: Look we all have bad days. None of us are perfect. But your attitude or reaction to something is 100% in your control.
  4. Lack of attention: If we spend time on a newsletter or email and you choose not to read it, that is on you. I know we are all bombarded with information daily, but it is your choice what you consume.
  5. Unforeseen issues: Problems are bound to happen. But do they suck! We can do everything right, and that new move in still gets a leak. We can spend hours running an application only to have them back out. We can get hit with a pandemic and have to completely shift all business operations in the blink of an eye.
  6. Lack of respect for the profession: Historically property managers do not get the cred they should. Collecting the rent, is the least of our problems. We are so much more than that. We have to be lawyers, tax collectors, marketing genius, therapists, contractors and babysitters all in one minute.

We all have things in our career that cause minor heart palpitations, so maybe we all just recognize that. I respect and appreciate what you do. Hopefully next time I interact with you, I don’t cause a pain point for you.

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