Life of a Property Manager

August 10, 2023by melissad0

Oh, the life of a property manager, what a ride, Dealing with residents and owners, side by side. They can be a quirky bunch, that’s for sure, From wild demands to compliments obscure!

First, there’s the resident, full of charm, With a laundry list of requests that’s alarmingly warm. “My sink’s leaking! My wall’s cracked too! Fix it all, and please make it like new!”

But when we arrive, with tools in tow, The problem mysteriously seems to go. “It fixed itself!” they gleefully declare, Leaving us scratching our heads in despair.

Then comes the owner, with a peculiar air, Their property is flawless, beyond compare. No need for repairs or updates, they claim, Yet we see the cracks, and we know it’s not the same.

“We want higher rent, our neighbors charge more!” They demand, expecting us to explore. But the market’s fickle, we must explain, Yet they persist, our patience they’ll drain.

“Oh, can we change this paint? Or that floor?” They’ll ask, as if they’re renovating a store. But budgets are tight, we’ll kindly state, Their grand ideas, we must gently deflate.

And let’s not forget the endless phone calls, Late at night, during holiday thralls. Emergencies abound, or so they believe, A blown light bulb, not quite a life upheave!

But we handle it all with grace and a grin, In this wild world of property management kin. For amidst the chaos and absurdity we see, A sense of humor keeps us carefree.

So here’s to the life of a property pro, In this comedic circus, we’ll gladly go. With a smile and a wink, we’ll handle the fuss, Because deep down, we know you need us!

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