Day in the life- Accounting and Compliance

November 4, 2021by melissad0

A day in the life- Accounting and Compliance is very different from our last feature on the marketing and leasing team. This department is dealing with the money, resident relations and all compliance matters.

Every day is a new adventure! This job consists of a few different categories. But first we start with team meetings every morning. Recap the day before and take care of any overnight emergencies!

Resident relations:

Even though I am apart of the accounting and compliance department, I am the resident liaison. I am responsible for my residents starting the day they move in, to the day they move out. Any issues, questions, requests, I help facilitate and make sure they get completed. My main job focus is keeping our residents happy in their home and treating them as if they were our guests. I work with our leasing and marketing team to ensure all move ins go smoothly, as well as point out things we can improve on for the next time. Especially in 2020, we went to contactless move ins. Greatly reducing the face-to-face time we had to establish a rapport.

I also work closely with our maintenance team to ensure all service requests are completed in a timely manner, and that nothing gets overlooked. Resident retention is a high priority, and it falls with me to be sure we can keep the collaboration with our residents positive. Even though they are renting, I want them to feel a part of the process. When we engage with our residents in a more collaborative way, it makes the tough times a lot easier to deal with.

Accounting & Delinquency:

One of the harder parts of my job is rent collection. This past year especially has been a new challenge in finding the balance of empathy towards the residents, as well as the concern for our clients needs as well. Navigating the changing legislation daily has proven to be a task I never thought I would have been able to do but working with my team we were able to get through it. I spent hundreds of hours assisting my residents in completing the Emergency Rental Assistance Program applications. It really was not as easy as most thought, so I took great pride and care in helping them.

Owner Communication:

One of the cooler parts of my job I think, is getting to know the owners of the properties and developing a relationship with them. They all have a unique story of how they became an owner, whether it was an inherited home, they are just starting to invest, or are longtime investors. Each one has different goals and expectations, the accounting and compliance department is responsible for ensuring these. Being able to run the property the way they want is something we strive for every day.

Policies and Procedures:

Finally, I enjoy that the FBS operations team lets us adjust and evolve as needed. So, I often help with writing new policies and procedures as technology updates or legislation determines. Property Management changes daily, so getting to have input operationally is fulfilling too! The operations team knows that our day to day hands on knowledge is extremely valuable.

Overall, this job allows me to really connect with residents, owners and my coworkers. I love being a problem solver.

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