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November 11, 2021by melissad0

FBS ensures success for property owners. But how? Our company’s success is dependent on the success of a property owners but also the satisfaction of our residents. Managing both starts at the inception of management. When we first meet with property owners, we discuss how we operate as a team and manage property.

We review our core values

1. Treat each property as if it were our own.

2. Treat each resident as if they were our guest and

3. Treat each dollar spent as if it were our last.

Practicing these 3 core values in every decision we make is imperative to our owners, residents, and company success.

You must measure to manage, right?

So, to do that we send surveys after every single move in, move out and maintenance request. This gives our residents an opportunity to really provide feedback throughout the whole management process. We want to know if they were happy with our service. If the staff, they interacted with were kind. We review these surveys on a regular basis. We also share the survey responses with our third-party suppliers as they are an extension of us, our decision to use them reflects greatly on us.

Adjust…or Pivot

I made you think about Ross in Friends right? If you know, you know. In all seriousness, during 2020, something changed every day. How we could do showings, how we could collect rent. Our normal processes had been completely disrupted. So, we chose to send each resident and each owner a letter that was honest and transparent. It read in short- How are you doing, and did we miss anything? We told them that our normal busy season is April to August, but that with COVID challenges we may have missed an email, text, or work order. If we did, we wanted to know about it. We got a lot of responses. Many just saying thank you, and some letting us know where we did miss. Giving us the opportunity to fix it before it became a nuisance.

We also shifted our entire business model last year from teams to departments. We found that in general the industry has shifted to such a point that we cannot expect every person to do it all and do it all well. We needed our employees to have focus, and specialization to provide the best service.  We hand selected people based on their skills and knowledge to thrive in each respective department.

Industry Involvement

Our final responsibilities to our property owner’s success includes education and industry involvement.  With a robust education reimbursement program our teams are encouraged to look at this as a career choice, not just a job. Our team conducts mastermind groups on Leadership and career development. Daily internal, and external training on new legislation and how it affects our owner clients and residents. Finally, participating on behalf of our clients who may not be able to because of proximity or knowledge. Yearly trips to Sacramento, even being in D.C. when the pandemic hit advocating with law makers. We are committed to supporting our owner clients, residents, and the industry.


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