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February 17, 2022by melissad0

When completing a rental application it can be hard to know how the process works. Most management companies have a standard application asking similar questions. Owners on the other hand will vary from no application to borderline questionable applications. How they handle the approval process can vary as well. Property Management companies with any sort of ethical code will always approve on a first come, first qualified basis. Owners don’t understand this best practice and will often approve the person they like best. Which is never good.

Here are some tips when applying for your next rental home:


  • Make sure you apply for the correct home.
  • Confirm the home is available prior to applying.
  • Read all directions and qualifications carefully and make sure to have any items you may need easily accessible and ready to go. (Ie paystubs, previous rental history information.)
  • Only provide information being asked for. We cannot take into consideration your divorce or bankruptcy reasons. No need to share personal information unless it asks for it.
  • Submit at least 3-4 of your most recent paystubs… haven’t started your job yet? No problem, upload a copy of your offer letter with your salary amount and your name. Make sure to provide the best name and number of who we can call to confirm that information.
  • Make sure you have legal and verifiable income. If you are not sure ask!
  • Add all additional income- disability, social security, rental property etc.
  • Include the last 3 years of rental history. You can include your parents house, barracks, or any overseas residences.
  • Make sure to include everyone living there that is over 18. Yes, even your 19 year old son, yes your mother in law who doesn’t pay rent. Everyone over 18 living in the home has to apply.
  • Take care of your eviction prior to applying. Or at least have documentation supporting the case that the eviction was inaccurate. This is rare.
  • Be honest about missed rent payments and why.
  • Understand applications are processed on a first come first qualified basis. Meaning first in line has 24 hours to get all their correct information in. If they delay past the deadline we will move on to the next application.
  • Make sure you get a refund for an application not run. You should not be paying for an application unless it was processed.


  • Try and speed through the rental application. Take your time to ensure all info is correct. If you enter your social security number incorrectly you will have to pay again to re-run the correct number.
  • Upload any screenshots without your name or identifying information.
  • Lie about pets. List any pets. If it is a service animal notate that. But do not try to sneak in an animal later. Not cool.
  • Bug the manager, they will process the application and get you updates as soon as they can. It should take about 48 hours.
  • Be mad at the property manager if you are declined.

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