How to rent to SDSU students

August 11, 2022by melissad0

So you have a home near San Diego State University (SDSU) and want to rent to students! Not sure where to start?

We know how to rent to SDSU students using these suggestions:
  1. Understand your property– Is your property a good candidate for students. I.e. Proximity to SDSU. Is your home near other student housing or families? If you are in a family neighborhood your neighbors may not be happy with your renting to students.
  2. Transportation and Parking– Will they need public transportation? The college area is great if you don’t have a car. But, if you do have a car, parking can be an issue. Knowing and sharing parking regulations up front is crucial.
  3. Roommates? With rent prices so high, students will try to pack as many in a home as they can. Make sure you know who is moving and follow all fair housing, state and local laws about occupancy numbers. Also, one group of roommates may constantly turnover year after year, this can cause a ton of wear and tear. While you may be fully leased for 4+ years just be prepared for a lot of work when they finally all move out.
  4. Will you allow cosigners? We would recommend yes, it is an added protection for first time renters who many damage your home.
  5. Market Well: We recommend Zillow or Avoid craigslist.
  6. Have Qualifications and Application Standards: Don’t be lazy here. Students are usually 1st time renters and have no idea what they are doing. Most won’t read the lease either so expect a lot of hand holding.
  7. Utilize on campus resources to help students find your home.
  8. Look up Property Management Companies nearby: Understand that managing a property with students can be a full-time job. Maybe you are not up for it. Don’t worry we got it!
Why Choose FBS to manage your college area home?

With our close proximity FBS is the College Area Property Management Company of choice.

FBS Property Management, AMO is an award-winning management company celebrating 50 years of continuous property management operations throughout San Diego County. Our unique market niche was designed for thoughtful and strategic independent real estate owners.

As committed housing providers, we take great pride in helping residents find their next home!


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